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          Letter From President

          Depending on abundant wisdom, driving by pioneering and innovative spirit, Hoshine has increasingly enriched the silicon product application by energy conservation and optimization of resources. We have initially started the development mode of Coal-Power-Silicon Circular Economy Industrial Park, and have formed an industrial chain of the silicon-based materials which are able to create a comfortable green economic entity life for the modern society, in the meanwhile, bring green energy into life.

          Looking back at each pace of self-transcendence, Hoshine has continuously been marching forward with more research and exploration with firm support from all walks of life. We have integrated the various industries resources from upstream to downstream to realize the management reform and technological innovation, to improve product quality control standards and to provide valuable products and ultra anticipated service for our partners.

          Hoshine holds a national green development concept that we earn both gold and silver mines with a beautiful environment. We regard environmental protection as our own responsibility. We promote the long-term development of society in a way of low-carbon health. We firmly believe that green development will contribute to the growth of sustainable benefits and the promotion of value. We raise the social responsibility to the state of corporation strategy. During the continuous exploration of new markets and the exploitation of new partners, Hoshine has been contributing ourselves to the society and environment.

          I believe that Chinese economy is bound to create a new miracle in the Chinese Dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. I believe that Hoshine will surely achieve new glories with the spirit of “Success comes from persistence” in the face of historical opportunities.

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