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          Campus Recruitment

          Position Title
          Work Place
          Number of Recruits
          Academic Requirements
          International Sales
          Jiaxing, Zhejiang
          Bachelor degree or above

          Job Responsibilities:

          1. Responsible for foreign trade business development, collecting customer information, contacting customers, and answering customers' inquiries;

          2. Strive for orders, consolidate regular customers, develop new customers, make plans and implement scheme according to sales targets;

          3. Follow up the production progress of orders, check whether the products meet customer 's requirements, and arrange the delivery on time;

          4. Responsible for account checking and payment collection;

          5. Handling customer complaints or sales returns, and feed back the results to the company or customers;

          6. Complete other tasks assigned by superiors.


          1. Major in marketing, international trade, etc., bachelor degree or above (Requirements is releasable for excellent person), CET-6 or above, fluent communication with foreign customers;

          2. Have strong interest in foreign trade;

          3. Good interpersonal communication and coordination and language skills;

          4. Accept travel abroad for a short time.

          R&D Engineer
          Jiaxing, Zhejiang
          Master degree or above

          Job Responsibilities:

          1. Responsible for the development of new products and technologies, drawing up scientific research plans, and completing scientific research tasks according to the schedule and quality system management requirements;

          2. Carry out exploratory test work and make project evaluation;

          3. Deal with technical problems in the process of scientific research and production;

          4. Prepare all kinds of technical documents, records and materials in the process of scientific research, and keep the technical confidential;

          5. Complete the promotion and application of new products, technical services and technical support;

          6. Complete other tasks assigned by superiors.


          1. Master degree or above, major in chemical engineering and process;

          2. Familiar with chemical process;

          3. Have solid foundation of chemical engineering and ability to solve practical problems;

          4. Good data processing and analysis skills;

          5. Strong English reading ability, able to search and consult relevant literature and independent intellectual property rights skillfully;

          6. Proficient in WORD,EXCEL, PPT, AutoCAD and other office software;

          7. Proactive, meticulous and responsible.

          Reserve Trainee
          · Jiaxing, Zhejiang · Luzhou,Sichuan · Shanshan, Xinjiang · Shihezi, Xinjiang
          Bachelor degree or above (985/211 preferred)

          Job Responsibilities:

          1. Participate in staff training arranged by the company;

          2. Work in the branch company, involving production, sales, functions, administration and other positions, according to personal development intention and the company's arrangement, and become a candidate for reserve training of the branch company;

          3. Complete the work tasks according to the responsibilities of each position, and summarize the work and learning in stages;

          4. Complete other tasks assigned by leaders.


          1. Fresh graduates with bachelor's degree or above (985/211 preferred);

          2. High enthusiasm for work, initiative, good sense of service, strong teamwork spirit, due diligence and responsibility;

          3. Have excellent leadership potential or professional skills, excellent learning ability, interpersonal communication ability, analytical and problem-solving ability, etc.;

          4. No major requirement, love sales promotion and team management,interest in high pressure and fast paced's marketing job and having relevant work experience is preferred.

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