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          Company News

          Hoshine Silicon executive management team meeting: deepen the reform and innovation, strive for high-quality development

          Publisher: Release Date: Reading Volume: Secondary

          Hoshine Silicon executive management team meeting: deepen the reform and innovation, strive for high-quality development

          Cixi, Ningbo, May 3-6—The 2019 executive management team meeting of Hoshine Silicon Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Hoshine Silicon”) was held successfully. The meeting was organized with the keynote “communication, cooperation, responsibility and reform”. It summarized the company’s operation in 2019 and mapped out the key tasks in 2020.

          In the face of COVID-19 in 2020, the CEO of Hoshine silicon emphasizes not only the crisis but also the opportunity and meanwhile requires steady development. In such scenario, it is important to categorize and simplify various complicated issues and concentrate on following priorities.

          Focus on present tasks and be solid & confident. We shall still strive for annual target. On one hand, the company shall carry out regular epidemic prevention and control, on the other hand, the company shall seize the market opportunity, further reduce the cost and improve the efficiency, minimizing the loss from COVID-19.

          look in the long term and insist on the development. All staff of Hoshine Silicon shall keep patient and make the company much more competitive utilizing the information, automation and digital innovation. What’s more, the company shall be positioned to the challenge and adjustment of the domestic and overseas business in the long term.

          Be integrity and remain true to our original aspiration. Adhere to safe production unswervingly, enhance safe production work, stick to green production and improve the accuracy of pollution protection and management, push for high-quality organization construction.

          Dare to innovate and reform. Take the business division and function departments as the core and be united. Implement the strategic deployment thoroughly in the company, improve professional competence and lay the foundation of Hoshine Silicon’s development and enhancing its influence and leadership in the industry.

          Nothing cannot be explored and learned as long as people collaborate, and nothing cannot be achieved as long as people are united. Let us seize the day and build Hoshine Silicon the pioneer in the silicon-based new material industry.

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