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          Company News

          The Fertile Soil Is Under Your Feet丨 The Digital Factory Construction Of Hoshine Silicon Ushered In A New Chapter

          Publisher:Hoshine Release Date: Reading Volume: Secondary

          In 2015, Hoshine Silicon successfully opened up Shanshan Plant in Xinjiang. In 2018, Hoshine Silicon acquired Jinsong Silicon Industry. Up to now, Hoshine has plants in Jiaxing, Luzhou, Shihezi, Shanshan and Kuitun of Xinjiang, spanning Eastern and Western China. Among them, Shihezi and Shanshan plants in Xinjiang are "coal, electricity and silicon" integrated circular economy industrial parks, covering a vast area, cooperating with production, complementing each other.

          With the rapid development of the company, building a digital factory, further improving the level of management automation and equipment automation has become one of the current priorities of Hoshine.

          Long before, Hoshine Silion began to carry out automation transformation and upgrading work, and achieved some results. In plants all over the country, many automatic and three-dimensional production lines covered almost all the production process such as precise feeding, automatic packaging and so on. Hoshine is striding towards the industrial 4.0 era.

          With the continuous improvement of equipment automation and management automation, higher requirements for the level of information technology are inevitable. Since its establishment in 2005, Hoshine has steadfastly taken the road of new industrialization, devoted itself to the pursuit of sustainable development mode, and has never slackened the construction of integration of two modernizations. The company's information center is pushing through the old and bringing forth the new on the road of information construction, and constantly seeking new breakthroughs.

          Pictures taken at the launch meeting of the fertile soil project

          On March 8, 2019, Hoshine Silicon Information Transformation Project "fertile soil" was officially launched. The project aims to provide new ideas for the management automation of factories and promote the further integration of industrialization and informatization.

          The project is led by the Information Center, with the participation of factory professionals, designing and optimizing the core modules of digital business process and management mode, and ultimately realizing the digital and automated management upgrade.

          The start of the fertile oil project marks a new chapter in the construction of Hoshine Silicon Digital Factory, which will bring many improvements to Hoshine and greatly increase the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises.
          On-site meeting of the start-up meeting of fertile soil project
          1. Improving the management capability of factory integrated circular supply chain to optimize the overall comprehensive benefits of circular industry;
          2. Strengthen business collaboration and fine management of various business departments to achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase in factories;
          3. Take customers and markets as the center, optimize business operations, and further gain competitive advantages in the circular industry chain;
          4. Extending the industrial chain of circular economy, integrating resources and expanding new business;
          5. Promote the technological level and innovation ability of circular economy business operation mode, and promote the digital transformation of factories.
          Under the guidance of "Made-in-China 2025 Plan", Hoshine Silicon will continue to promote the integration of informatization and industrialization based on innovation drive, quality first, green development, structural optimization and talent-oriented, enhance enterprise innovation ability, strengthen the construction of enterprise quality brand, build up in a step, and then surpass the peak!
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