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          Company News

          Hoshine Silicon Won The Honor Of "2019 Financial Field「Golden Intelligence Award」 Outstanding Operating Efficiency Listed Company"

          Publisher:Hoshine Release Date: Reading Volume: Secondary

          On May 31th, 2019, the "2019 Value Discovery Carnival and the Second Chinese Enterprise Value Development Forum and the「Golden Intelligence Award」Chinese Enterprise Value Awards Ceremony" hosted by the financial community were held in Shenzhen. " with the theme of “Connecting Science and Technology, Connecting Continuous Growth”, this ceremony invited relevant department leaders, 100 outstanding listed companies, 100 institutional investors and industry support funds, and authoritative media to gather upstream and downstream resources for industry development, connect ideas and Resources and release value and power.

          As one of the leading companies in the silicon-based new materials industry, with the high-quality growth in recent years and in return on equity, capital input, net interest rate, expense ratio during sales and other key indicators reflecting the quality of corporate earnings and operating ability of excellent performance, Hoshine SIlicon won the “2019 Financial Sector 「Golden Intelligence Award」 Outstanding Business Efficiency Listed Company” award, and it’s market value and corporate governance were recognized by the authorities.

          It is understood that the financial industry website which hosting the award was established in 1999. It is a leading domestic financial and financial information provider jointly invested by IDG and Singapore VERTEX. It is the first innovative Internet securities service group listed in NASDAQ and also a globally influential Chinese financial website. The awards are based on the principles of objectivity and fairness, with rigorous standards and comprehensive perspectives. 2019 Financial Industry「Golden Intelligence Award」, in order to continue the data mining, With more connected relay width and depth, follow objective and practical research, analysis and research, to extract the corresponding market performance, financial status, letter system, R&D and relevant index data, collected in different dimensions, such as performance management, responsibility, innovation, screening with core competitive ability, and the development of industry has obviously promote the contribution of the listed companies, the best optimal, reward the best.

          This time, Hoshine Silicon industry stood out from many listed companies, and further demonstrated to the world the outstanding business results and corporate governance ability.

          The development and operation of Hoshine Silicon in the field of silicon-based materials has been recognized by professional appraisers and investors, and won the 「Golden Intelligence Award」. Since the establishment of the company, under the leadership of Chairman Luo Liguo, Hoshine Silicon has set up production bases in Jiaxing, (Zhejiang), Luzhou(Sichuan), Shihezi(Xinjiang), Shanshan(Xinjiang), and Kuitun(Xinjiang).It is one of the only high-tech companies in China that adopts the development model of "coal, electricity and silicon" integrated circular economy industrial park and simultaneously produces silicon metal, silicone and graphite electrode. After more than ten years of deep cultivation, the company has a complete silicon industry chain, of which industrial silicon production ranks first in China for six consecutive years. Hoshine actively invests in research and development, encourages innovation, and with the far-sighted vision from chairman, he production, intelligent and automated production management platform has begun to take effect, laying a solid foundation for the future development of the company.

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