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          Social Recruitment

          Hoshine Silicon Industry Co., Ltd was invested and established by Ningbo Hoshine group in 2005. The company has production bases in Jiaxing(Zhejiang province), Luzhou(Sichuan province), Shihezi(Xinjiang Autonomous Region), Shanshan(Xinjiang Autonomous Region), and Kuitun(Xinjiang Autonomous Region). It is one of the only high-tech companys in China that adopts the development model of "coal, electricity and silicon" integrated circular economy industrial park and simultaneously produces silicon metal, silicone and graphite electrode. After more than a decade of deep cultivation, the company has a complete silicon industry chain, among which silicon metal production ranks first in China for 6 consecutive years. As one of the leading companys in the industry, Hoshine Silicon was listed in Shanghai stock exchange in October, 2017, stock number 603260.

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          Position Title
          Work Place
          Number of Recruits
          Academic Requirements
          Export Sales
          Jiaxing, Zhe
          Bachelor degree or above

          Job Responsibilities:

          1. Responsible for foreign trade business development, collecting customer information, contacting customers, and answering customers' inquiries;

          2. Strive for orders, consolidate regular customers, develop new customers, make plans and implement scheme according to sales targets;

          3. Follow up the production progress of orders, check whether the products meet customer requirements, and arrange the delivery of products on time;

          4. Responsible for account checking and payment collection;

          5. Handling customer complaints or sales returns, and feed back the results to the company or customers;

          6. Complete other tasks assigned by superiors.


          1. Major in marketing, international trade, etc., bachelor degree or above (excellent candidates are welcome), CET-6 or above, fluent communication with foreign customers;

          2. Have strong interest in foreign trade;

          3. Good interpersonal communication and coordination and language skills;

          4. Accept travel abroad for a short time.

          R&D Engineer
          Jiaxing, Zhe
          Master degree or above

          Job Responsibilities:

          1. Responsible for the development of new products and technologies, drawing up scientific research plans, and completing scientific research tasks according to the schedule and quality system management requirements;

          2. Carry out exploratory test work and make project evaluation;

          3. Deal with technical problems in the process of scientific research and production;

          4. Prepare all kinds of technical documents, records and materials in the process of scientific research, and keep the technical confidential;

          5. Complete the promotion and application of new products, technical services and technical support;

          6. Complete other tasks assigned by superiors.


          1. Master degree or above, major in chemical engineering and process;

          2. Familiar with chemical process;

          3. Have solid foundation of chemical engineering and ability to solve practical problems;

          4. Good data processing and analysis skills;

          5. Strong English reading ability, able to search and consult relevant literature and independent intellectual property rights skillfully;

          6. Proficient in WORD,EXCEL, PPT, AutoCAD and other office software;

          7. Proactive, meticulous and responsible.

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          Salary and benefits – Hoshine Silicon provides competitive salary system and benefits for all the employees:

          Social security: Company pays five social insurance and one housing fund for regular employees;

          Accommodation: free staff dormitory (single bed, air conditioner, independent toilet, coin-operated washing machine, sunshine room) + meal subsidy + rent subsidy;

          Communication: free communication service card is provided, the company handles the set meal uniformly, and bears the cost of the set meal;

          High temperature allowance, diversified holiday gifts, personalized birthday gifts, wedding gifts, maternity gifts, children's education gifts, customized benefits for family members, etc;

          Annual physical examination, paid holiday, monthly outstanding employee award, annual travel;

          Staff care: rich and colorful leisure cultural activities, diversified welfare, regular team building activities, set up the staff library, yoga room and other leisure and relaxation places;

          Career planning: pre-job training, various professional training, a pair of one teacher to lead disciples, internal competition opportunities, multiple post rotation opportunities, five levels -three channels promotion opportunities

          Add: No.530, Yashan West Rd., Zhapu Town, Pinghu City, Zhejiang Province, China

          HR QQ: 3192171315  1617015011

          HR TEL: 0573-89179988,18368380571

          HR Email: hsgyhr@www.word-for-word.net

          HR Wechat:18368380470

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